STAR WARS for Dummies IV (A New Hope)

by P.SO & 2 Hungry Bros.

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To celebrate the arrival of the new Star Wars Movie, The Force Awakens, two of the Jedi at HiPNOTT have collaborated to bring new Star Wars inductees up to date with the first (official) Star Wars movie, A New Hope. Deep of the 2 Hungry Bros has just released his solo beat album What You Leave Behind and also collaborated with P.SO the Earthtone King on their joint release Feast of Legend. The two fan boys are wishing all fellow Hip Hop heads, comic book heads, and Jedi/Sith lovers a Happy Holiday with this upbeat take on Star Wars: A New Hope.

Be Sure to Check out P.SO and the 2 Hungry Bros Feast of Legend as well as Deep's What You Leave Behind on Bandcamp, and all Digital Retailers. Enjoy "Star Wars For Dummies" - Stay tuned, they may take on all the movies; except the midichlorian ones.

Artwork by Jason Koza.


A long time ago in a land past Saturn's rings
A Farm boy stands under two suns of Tattooine
Where the Tuscans raid and the Jawa's sing
Luke feels empty, his life like a shattered dream
Aunt and Uncle on his ass, gotta move boy
Goes to the market of the Jawa's for some new droids
Uncle Owen gives him chores that'll finish later within
R2 a message from Princess Leia
The message is brief on the mobile comm
R2 escapes as he heads out for Obi Wan
{Going on}
Luke goes searching with 3PO--
Didn't see all the sand people creepin thou
Once captured they're saved from embarrassment by Obi Wan who breaks down his Jedi heritage
- What He tells Luke is confounding
The Force is a energy a power that surrounds him
See His Dad Anakin was a Jedi Knight
strong warrior with the way of the Jedi life, {Dead to rights}
Cauze he was killed off by Darth Vader
Obi Wan gives Luke his own light Saber
R2 plays the message, and so it goes
"Please help Obi Wan, you're our only hope "--
They rush back home where there is fire
Luke's Aunt and uncle killed by the Empire

Darth Vader
the man in the black mask
Sith Lord when he gives orders better Act fast
{Back draft}
wave of his hands he can crack glass light Saber slice you in half It is that fast, Second in command to the Emperor
Operate a Moon sized weapon the Death Star Admiral Motti thinks Vader is a poor joke,
Vader's pissed so he hits him with a Force choke
Gotta Bunch a Storm troopers that are no joke,
Plus they captured the princess there is no hope Vader destroys Leia's home Planet Alderaan,
To demonstrate the power of the death star
Imagine everyone you knew in ya life being
Blown away to nothing from an energy a light beam fading into space lost souls turns ta pipe dream
Billions of people looking up into the Night scream
Obi Wan felt the pain of the outcome
He's with Luke on the Millennium Falcon
With a space smuggler named Solo, oh no, lights peed they ain't go slow yo
Star destroyer where they save Princess Leia
But Obi dies in a duel with Darth Vader-
His body's gone nothing left but a loose cloak
Now it's all up to Luke hes the new hope

Third act, we gettin to the best part
Rebels ready for the raid on the Death Star
Wedge Antilles, Lukes best partner
Introduce him to the rest of the Red Squadron
Leia has the plans,
and she thought right
Death Star Weakness an exhaust pipe
But its not right, they in trouble soon
The Death Star takes target on the Rebel Moon
More Tie Fighters, that means Mo' Problems
Vader decimates the Y-wings Gold Squadron
in the Cold Darkness
Luke and Wedge sped
they the only X wings on the team left
Vader's TIE fighter shoots kills more troops
Obi Wan in his head "use the Force Luke"
He has one shot
And the shot made
The death star destroyed
And the rebels saved


released December 17, 2015
Produced by Deep of 2 Hungry Bros.


all rights reserved



P.SO the Earth Tone King Brooklyn, New York

P.SO “The Earth Tone King” (formerly known as “P.CASSO”) is an artist not unlike his namesake. Incorporating mixed media as a solid emcee, a breakout producer and a burgeoning videographer, P.SO is using unorthodox methods to create a single vision in music that has garnered him fans worldwide.

P.SO is working on his next project Gateway To Greatness slated for a 2012 release.
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