Earth Tones

by P.SO the Earth Tone King



P.Casso’s free downloadable mix tape, Earth Tones, is mind-blowing. Every song splashes a sound embodying the vibrant color of its title.This probably explains the different colors mentioned throughout the album such as “SAND Clock Cleansers” feat. Homeboy Sandman and “OCHRE Wood Wear” feat. Mickey Factz and Fresh Daily. On the former Homeboy Sandman’s ill rhymes and insane flows bring all of the lyrics to pinpoint perfection. Musically, the song “BURNT SIENNA” is the embodiment of the instrumentally driven, unique approach of the album, while a soft mixture of progressive and strong beats gives “PUMPKIN D-Day” a long lasting impression as the album’s final track.
Overall, the Earth Tones has a mix of old school hip-hop and rock influences as well as a hint of progressive music. The different combinations can be seen in songs like “DARK UMBER Mr. Hollywood Remix” feat. Senor Kaos, which has a classical piano playing in the background.

Earth Tones, as a whole, exemplifies a different, creative approach. Do not underestimate the obscurity of the concept of the album’s title or its song’s names, the sound is irrevocably out of this world.


released April 15, 2009

The concept of this mixtape is really simple. Instead of trying to go with a cohesive sound like I normally would do with an album, I decided to try to cover as many different sounds as I could. Like different colors on a palette. I named every song on this tape after a different Earth Tone color. I've got some boom bap hip hop, a little rock, and some progressive stuff on this mixtape as well. EARTHTONES features guest spots from : FRESH DAILY, HOMEBOY SANDMAN, 8THW1, VONPEA, DONNY GOINES, MICKEY FACTZ, EMILIO ROJAS, SENOR KAOS, PETER HADAR, S.O.U.L. PURPOSE, EMILIO SPARKS, MATTY MATRIX AND DJ GET LIVE.

1. "Earth Tones" (prod. by MentPlus, cuts by DJ Get Live)- Mentplus sent me this beat and I immediately started writing to it. "Everything is Earth Tone" means that every thing is organic, everything is natural. Don't get confused by the illusions we see everyday.

2. BROWN "Stick'Em" (Ft. Fresh Daily, prod. by KO Beatz)- This song was actually the last song I recorded for the mixtape. I desperately needed a crazy posse cut with my bro Fresh Daily and my man KO sent me this beat right in time. "You nice on the internet/ I'm hot in reality"

3. SAND "Clock Cleansers" (Ft. Homeboy Sandman, prod. by P.CASSO)- Homeboy Sandman and I are doing a project called "Dubble Dragons". This is one of the first joints we recorded. The final version will feature REEF The Lost Cause. "If I told you the truth, then you probably wouldn't believe me/ I can see sounds like Stevie"

4. BRONZE "Wise Up Remix" (Ft. 8thW1 and Homeboy Sandman)- This song was a very popular tune off of Homeboy Sandman's "Pterodactyl" album. 8thW1 sent me a verse for the remix and it sounded perfect. I threw the drums through a sick Phaser to make them sound a little more spacier. "Well beyond what you dream or fathom/ I might break, ice skate/ on the rings of Saturn"

5. OLIVE "Love Letters in Binary" (Ft. Matty Matrix, prod. by KO Beatz)- This song is simply about a robot falling in love with another robot. Matty Matrix sang a crazy hook on this one. I added an effect to my voice so that I could sound more mechanical. The strings on this track sound amazing and bring it all together.

6. GREEN "Some Fun" (prod. by Doppelgangaz)- A really fun tune.

7. CREAM "Fate My Mistress" /Emilio Sparks speaks- This one is about falling in love with your own fate. However, fate is very elusive...

8. GOLD "Go For the Gusto" (prod. by Black Milk)- Always loved this Black Milk beat. Had to get some bars over it.

9. TAN "In The Jungle part 1 and 2 (Ft. VonPea, prod. by Madlib)- VonPea is one of my favorite Emcees. Madlib is one of my favorite producers.

10. BEIGE "Mt. Olympus" (Ft. Donny Goines, prod. by Soul Academy)- I've always loved Greek mythology. Shoutout to the homie Donny Goines for hopping on this joint with me.

11. AUBURN "Incredible AOK Remix"- (Ft. Homeboy Sandman, Fresh Daily and 8thw1)

12. OCHRE "Wood Wear (snippet)" (Ft. Mickey Factz, Fresh Daily, Homeboy Sandman, Peter Hadar and S.O.U.L. Purpose)- This song was done as a promotion for Brian Wood's clothing line.

13. DARK UMBER "Mr. Hollywood Remix" (Ft. Senor Kaos)

14. FOREST GREEN "Sound Is God" (prod. by Exile)- I love Exile's beats. This song is very insightful. The skit that comes after it is my homie GeeQue speaking on the world and how crazy things are about to get...

15. SEPIA "Imagine" (Ft. Emilio Rojas)

16. BURGANDY "Mind Over Matter (prod. by P.CASSO)- My favorite joint on the mixtape. It's about a forbidden romance. The Bpm was really slow (69BPM) and even though it was really dope, some of the other artists I pitched it to didn't like it. I think my favorite aspect of this track is that it's slow tempo feels unfamiliar for a Hip-Hop song. It's unique. I think this song will do very well..

17. BURNT SIENNA (prod. by P.CASSO) - Originally a beat I produced for Print. It was so intricate, I felt that it could ride out on it's own just as an instrumental.

18. PUMPKIN "D-Day" (Ft. Matty Matrix)- This is actually a Matty Matrix song featuring me. It's about being at the edge of your life and letting the wind push you either back or forward.




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P.SO the Earth Tone King Brooklyn, New York

P.SO “The Earth Tone King” (formerly known as “P.CASSO”) is an artist not unlike his namesake. Incorporating mixed media as a solid emcee, a breakout producer and a burgeoning videographer, P.SO is using unorthodox methods to create a single vision in music that has garnered him fans worldwide.

P.SO is working on his next project Gateway To Greatness slated for a 2012 release.
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